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The Eight Staple Jewellery Pieces You Should Own

Owning some staple pieces of jewellery that you love is a great way of making sure you'll always look your best. It'll help you to think outside of current trends as you'll build a collection of old favourites which transcend fads. And if you buy quality jewellery and learn to look after it, they'll stay in your collection forever. We think you're staple jewellery should be versatile an made from ethical quality metals.

Since starting Duxford Studios, we've often been asked "What are the essential pieces of jewellery every woman should own?". Over time, we've loved revisiting this question and have now built a concise list of eight staple pieces that everyone should have in their jewellery box. They are:

1. Stud earrings

The first item of jewellery we think everyone should own is a pair of stud earrings. Studs are a total classic and can be really versatile as you can wear them for any occasion. Both casual and formal outfits can be elevated by a beautiful pair of studs, without overpowering the look. We would advise you invest in a high-quality pair of stud earrings because they'll never go out of style and will last a lifetime if you buy quality.

The type of metal you choose is a totally personal choice. If you're unsure of which precious metal to go for, you may want to read  our guide Gold or Silver Jewellery? What You Should Wear.

The Eight Staple Jewellery Pieces You Should Own
We absolutely love our Tooth Stud Earrings which come in ethical sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil. Why not browse our ethically sourced earrings to find your favourite?

2. Hoop earrings

Sticking with the earring options, we can't get enough of hoops and think everyone should own a go-to pair! If you're looking for impact, hoop earrings should definitely be a staple of your jewellery collection. They come in lots of different styles and designs, from simple gold hoops to more intricate show stoppers, and it's up to you which route you take. 

We'd say it's a good idea to start with a medium size hoop as it's easy to dress them up and down and you'll be able to show them off in lots of different types of events. 

Eight Staple Jewellery Pieces

3. Drop earrings

Last but not least in the earring department, we think owning a staple pair of drop earrings is essential. They're perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to an outfit, especially for more formal occasions.

Drop earrings come in a range of sizes and designs. From a simple chain design to the more dramatic eye catching pairs, the choice is yours. We'd recommend getting something that's going to make an impact.

The Eight Staple Jewellery Pieces You Should Own

4. Long pendant necklace

Next up, we definitely think everyone should own at least one gorgeous long pendant necklace. It's a must-have staple to wear alone, or to layer to create a stylish and edgy look. Long necklaces are very versatile because they can be worn casually or dressed up for a formal event. 

We'd definitely urge you to opt for a high quality design with a solid silver or gold chain which will last for generations. 

Staple Jewellery Pieces You Should Own
We're in love with our Gold Vermeil Hand Necklace. Check out our ethical necklaces to find your favourite.

5. Short necklace

 A short necklace is also perfect to add to your staple collection. Again, these can be worn alone, or layered with longer chains, and having both long and short styles in your jewellery collection will make sure you always have the perfect length to suit your neckline. For more advice on styling your jewellery around your neckline, read our blog on How To Style Silver Jewellery.

Staple Jewellery Pieces
Our Sterling Silver Cherub Necklace is a beautiful and ethical choice which can be layers with the above hand pendant, or worn alone for a more subtle look. If you'd like to know more about ethical metals, read our 'all you need to know' guide. 

6. Statement bracelet

Moving along nicely to bracelets, owning one statement bracelet is a must for us, here at Duxford Studios. Of all our ethical handmade jewellery, a bracelet is our go to! Check out our range of ethical bracelets to get some inspiration. 

We're loving our Mihi 18 Carat Gold Vermeil Bracelet right now. Why not also check out our Gold Bone Bracelet?

7. Cocktail ring

A cocktail ring can add a touch of beauty and boldness to your staple collection, one for those special occasions! A good cocktail ring can really complete an outfit, and help you to stand out. We'd advise selecting an interesting design that will start a conversation while sipping something delicious.

Eight Staple Jewellery Pieces You Should Own
Our Tempus Sterling Silver Cast Ring could be the perfect solution. Check out our full range of ethical silver jewellery and read our guide on the benefits of sterling silver. 

8. Midi ring

And last but not least, we love being playful with a contemporary midi ring. These have been in fashion for a while now, and we love them! Midi rings are designed to be worn on the middle section of your finger, rather than close to your knuckles like regular rings. This type of ring can definitely draw the eye as it's edgy and unconventional, but they're usually quite small so they don't overpower an overall look.

Staple Jewellery Pieces
Our Sterling Silver Bone Ring could definitely fit the bill. Our founder, Esme, wears hers almost every day. 

These eight staple pieces of jewellery are must-haves for everyone's collection. They'll help to create timeless and elegant looks and their versatility will allow you to dress them up or down. As we've mentioned, it's important to invest in high-quality ethical jewellery so that you can cherish your pieces for years to come, while not negatively impacting the environment or the people who work in the industry. Find out more about what sustainable jewellery is. To ensure your staple pieces last, make sure you look after your jewellery properly and store between uses

Duxford Studios creates ethical handmade jewellery inspired by the human form, modern culture, and the sensation of touch. All of our pieces are cast from hand carved wax in recycled sustainable sterling silvergold vermeil, and other ​precious metals. Shop our full collection on our website or get in contact about custom jewellery design commission. Need help choosing a piece? Read our full guide on what to look for when buying jewellery on our blog page.


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