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How to Store Jewellery

There are a few important factors to consider when you’re considering different jewellery storage solutions. Read on to find out all about the most important storage factors.

1. Types of storage

How to Store Jewellery - jewellery box

There are many different types of storage solutions and all have their benefits and drawbacks depending on the types of jewellery you’re storing. Here we’ll focus on:

Single compartment jewellery boxes

Owning a single compartment jewellery box is a fantastic option for storing your jewellery, especially if your collection is relatively small. Keeping everything in one place makes it easy to keep things ordered and will ensure you can always find the piece you’re looking for. Another huge benefit of this type of storage is that there is a lid to the box, meaning your jewellery is kept safe and under an airtight seal which reduces tarnishing.

If you have a larger jewellery collection, it can start to get quite crowded when using a single compartment jewellery box. Everything can get jumbled up and it can be more difficult to find that 2nd earring in a hurry so this solution isn't ideal for jewellery addicts with a huge collection.

Jewellery stands or dishes

This is a fantastic option for those everyday pieces that you wear most days and need quick access to. Our founder, Esme, wears her sterling silver hand necklace almost every day, so hooking it onto her minimal jewellery stand while she’s in the shower or overnight means that she can quickly grab it and slip it back on before running out the door.

This option isn’t great for jewellery you only wear on special occasions. It’s much less secure meaning that things could go missing and as there’s no airtight seal, some jewellery items such as sterling silver can tarnish when left out and unworn for long periods of time.

Jewellery boxes with drawers

If you have a larger jewellery collection, this could be the perfect option for you. Having a jewellery box with several compartments and drawers means you can expertly organise your collection into tidy categories. This will give you safe and secure storage for your different pieces of jewellery, will reduce tarnishing over time and can keep you organised.

But beware, it can be very difficult to locate a specific item if you don’t keep things organised. We recommend grouping your jewellery into manageable categories so you always know where to look. You could categories things but item type such as rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, or by different metal types like sterling silver, gold vermeil and Fairtrade gold.

Lockable jewellery boxes

For your more expensive items of jewellery, such as custom jewellery designs and commissions, we think the best solution is to invest in a lockable jewellery box. This will ensure you have total piece of mind that your jewellery is safe while it’s not being worn. Likewise, if you have lots of precious metal jewellery in your collection, this can be a great option for you. Esme, our founder wears all the Duxford Studios jewellery and she loves both the ethical silver and gold vermeil options so she keeps all her ethical handmade jewellery in a lockable box.

2. Best rooms for jewellery storage

We think the best room to store you jewellery is in the bedroom. You can store your jewellery box on a vanity table, in a drawer, or even at the bottom of your wardrobe or under your bed. Wherever you feel is most safe or easy to access - it’s up to you. Bedrooms are usually a warm, clean and less frequently used compared to living and common spaces making them perfect for your jewellery storage.

One place we definitely wouldn’t store your jewellery is the bathroom. It might seem like a good option as you take off jewellery before showering, but the higher levels of moisture in the air can lead to faster tarnishing which makes your jewellery look duller. Not to mention smaller items like stud earring can get lost down the plug hole! Read our blog post on how to look after your jewellery for more information.

How to Store Jewellery - stud earrings

3. Storage while travelling

There are many different ways to store your jewellery while you’re travelling. Some people put their jewellery in their make up bags, others use a specific drawstring pouch, we’ve even heard of some people using cling film wrap (usually used for covering food). The issues with these storage methods is that they’re not very secure and can lead to scratches or damage or even to items getting lost.

At Duxford Studios, we like to take care of our jewellery while we’re on the move. Our founder Esme has a specific hard jewellery case with different compartments lined with soft velvet. Esme likes to separate her different pieces to make sure that they don’t clash while they’re being moved around. This ensures that each piece is protected from scratches, bends or breaks. The lid of the case can be securely zipped shut which gives Esme the piece of mind that nothing will slip out or get lost. We definitely find it well worth investing in a jewellery travel case, and you can find them in many online or bricks and mortar shops.

How to Store Jewellery - ethical silver

Our beautiful sterling silver bone earrings, which Esme never goes travelling without!

4. Storing different precious metals

Metals all have their own unique features, so it’s important to understand the differences so that you can make an educated decision about how to store your jewellery collection.


The most important thing to understand about silver is that it can tarnish over time if it’s left out in the air and isn’t worn often. The best way to store silver is in an air tight container away from moisture and heat. At Duxford Studios, every piece of jewellery comes in a beautiful jewellery box, and all silver pieces come with a small anti-tarnish tab which significantly slows down the tarnishing process. So keep your jewellery in it’s box with the small black plastic tab and your jewellery should remain bright and sparkly for longer.

If you’d like to learn more about your silver jewellery including how to fix a sterling silver ring, read our contemporary jewellery blog.

How to Store Jewellery - silver hand necklace
Our sterling silver hand necklace, made of ethical materials.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewellery is actually sterling silver jewellery with a thick and durable layer of real gold particles applied to the surface using the process of electroplating. Gold vermeil jewellery is much more hard wearing that gold plated jewellery as the amount of gold on the surface is far thicker and will last a lot longer that plating, however it’s not indestructible.

With this in mind, we always store our gold vermeil jewellery in a jewellery box with different compartments so that each piece can be kept from rubbing or clashing against each other. This will reduce the risk of scratching the surface of the jewellery which can remove the vermeil. At Duxford Studios, every piece of jewellery comes in a beautiful jewellery box, so you can keep your gold vermeil pieces in the box provided which will ensure it stays shinny and gold.

To learn more about gold vermeil, read our ultimate guide to gold vermeil. We've also written a guide for you to know what to look for when buying jewellery over on our contemporary jewellery blog.


The benefit of solid gold is that it’s durable and doesn’t tarnish over time. As a result, you could store your gold jewellery in a jewellery dish. The only issue with doing this is that it can increase the risk of pieces going missing as it’s less secure that a jewellery box with a lid. As gold jewellery is often expensive, we store all our solid gold jewellery in a lockable jewellery case, to make sure that it’s nice and safe when it’s not being worn.

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