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Handmade Bespoke Jewellery Services

Our handmade bespoke jewellery service offers a chance for you to bring your own ideas to life. 

Each collaboration between Esme and the wearer or gifter is an exciting exchange of personal ideas. Her strong design concepts and aesthetic, results in unique and eye-catching handmade jewellery pieces to be cherished for generations.

Learn how to prepare for a custom jewellery consultation here.

Handmade Bespoke Jewellery Services | Duxford Studios UK

Baby's fingerprint cufflinks, 9ct white gold.

Why would you buy "off the shelf" jewellery,
when you can buy unique pieces?
Chris, Cardiff

A few things to consider when thinking about commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery:

  • Who is the piece of jewellery being designed for? Is it for you, or being made for someone else as a gift?
  • How would you describe the person who will wear the new bespoke piece? Think about their style and taste, favourite colors, lifestyle, career, hobbies and interests, activity level, etc.
  • What inspires this person?
  • Can you provide five words that describe this person’s personality?
  • What type of piece would you like designed? Think about ring size, neck size, wrist size (if applicable).
  • Does the wearer prefer - silver, or yellow, white or rose gold?
  • What type of jewelry does this person wear?
  • Do they have a favourite gemstone? What's their birthday/birthstone?
  • If you have any photos or sketches of ideas, send them to us in an email and we can used these as inspiration.
  • Do you have precious metal jewellery you would like to use and rework to make the new piece?
  • What is your budget?
Handmade Bespoke Jewellery Services

Shooting star double finger ring, eco sterling silver.

The design process was so fun! Esme was really communicative and creative while prioritising what I wanted. It has a luxury weight to it which I’m so happy with and I've already had multiple compliments on it. It’s so beautiful and unique and can’t wait to wear it constantly!
Nia, Menai Bridge

Whether you're hoping to start your exciting journey towards creating your own bespoke luxury jewellery design, or you just want to find out more about the process, get in contact. We would love to hear from you via email, or you can fill out the form below.

Handmade Bespoke Jewellery Services | Duxford Studios UK

Satin finished wedding band with flush set emerald, 9ct white gold.

I had some initial ideas about what I'd like but Esme developed the idea so much more and executed it perfectly! I am impressed by the quality and service I received, I can't wait to order my next piece!!
Joshua, Cwmcarn