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memento mori jewellery uk
memento mori jewellery uk
memento mori jewellery uk

Asgwrn 18 Carat Gold Vermeil Bracelet

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If you love statement jewellery, this is the perfect piece for you. Made from recycled eco silver and 18 carat gold vermeil, this is a solid and weighty addition to the Memento Mori collection.

Asgwrn is the Welsh language word for bone, making it the perfect name for this piece which was hand crafted in Cardiff, Wales. 

"Our femurs are the longest and strongest bones in our body. Our weight is supported by them. They give us strength and height. Appreciate your femurs."
Founder, Duxford Studios

Dimensions: 32mm x 10mm x 6mm
Chain length: 23cm
Weight including chain : 14.9g

For care instructions, please see the link at the bottom of the page