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Summer Jewellery Trends 2024

Summer is many people's favourite time of year! And with this in mind, we wanted to give you our take on the top 10 Summer Jewellery Trends of 2024. We’ve got a fabulous mix of ideas which can help you reinvent your current jewellery collection alongside adding a new piece or two to help elevate your summery looks. From bold statement accessories to fun colourful adornments, there are lots of exciting ways to be playful this season. No matter if you’re lounging by the pool with a margarita, or strolling through the streets of your city break destination, these top 10 jewellery ideas will help keep you fresh and fashionable all summer long.

1. Chunky Rings

This summer, chunky rings are going to be a huge hit. They add a hint of glamour to an outfit and can be worn with both dressy and more casual outfits. Focus on one show stopper chunky ring paired either with a dainty bracelet or necklace and a simple pair of studs. This will make sure that your ring is the star of the show with this look.

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - chunky ring

We absolutely love our chunky Tempus Sterling Silver Cast Ring which is great for both women and men.

2. Statement Chain Necklaces

It’s easy to make a bold statement with a chunky chain necklace, and this summer, you’ll be bang on trend. These have been in fashion for a while now, and will remain a fave while the sun keeps shining. There are lots of different options with oversized links in delicious gold or cooling silver tones, so take your pick. Whether you’re layering chunky chains with more delicate ones, or you’re celebrating them all on their own, they’ll add an edgy bit of class to any outfit.


Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - statement chain necklace
Don't you love this chain link necklace from Disa Allsopp?

3. Hoop Earrings

Oversized and bold hoop earrings continue to reign supreme, and we absolutely love them. This summer, it's all about going big! Hoops are an absolute must for any capsule jewellery box, so they’re a fantastic investment. Read our article on the eight staple jewellery pieces you should own and our blog post on the different types of earrings and how to wear them for our top styling tips. Opt for bold hoops in luscious precious metal tones of silver, gold and rose gold for a classic and chic look.

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - hoop earrings
Our Mea 18 Carat Gold Vermeil Sculptural Hoop Earrings are the perfect pick for this summer. Their unique organic form has a modern twist on the classic hoop earring.

4.  Sustainable Materials

This one's really important to us! There's a growing trend for sustainability with eco-friendly jewellery gaining popularity, and we couldn't be happier about this. All our jewellery is made of recycled precious metals and many independent jewellers are now opting for more sustainable materials too. So it's easier than ever to look for pieces that have a lower impact on our environment and to learn about what to look for when buying jewellery. Keep your eyes peels for designers who promote that they use ethical materials like recycled metals and ethically sourced or lab grown gemstones. You can even rework or repurposed vintage jewellery - check out our article What is Heirloom Jewellery? An Expert Guide for more on this. By choosing this type of jewellery, you'll be effortlessly stylish while also contributing to a greener future - what's not to love?

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - bespoke jewellery
Here's a bespoke order we made recently, a beautiful double finger moon and shooting star ring made of recycled precious metals. Find out about our Handmade Bespoke Jewellery Services and read our article to find out What is Sustainable Jewellery?

5. Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces remains popular because it's a beautiful way of bringing in more texture and elegance into an outfit. And there's so many ways you can play with this look. By pairing delicate chains of varying lengths and styles, you can create an eye-catching and eclectic look that perfectly compliments your personal style. Mixing and matching pendants, chains and chokers will add depth and dimension to your summer ensembles and will help you to feel fresh and unique time and again.

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - layered necklaces

We love how our Sterling Silver Tooth Necklace has been styled with this layered look. It perfectly displays the beautiful three dimensional design. Learn more about How to Wear Statement Jewellery.

6. Statement Cuffs

Statement cuffs are definitely making a come back, and we're loving it. There are so many different types, from bold and oversized to the more delicate and subtle - they all help to make an impact and bring an outfit together beautifully. Whether adorned with intricate designs, colorful stones or intriguing textures, you'll be sure to stand out when wearing a statement cuff.

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - statement cuff bracelet
Our Mihi Sterling Silver Molten Bracelet is the perfect example of a subtle yet stand out statement cuff, cast from the internal space inside a clenched fist.

7. Rainbow and Colourful Gemstones

Bring a pop of color to your summer wardrobe with gloriously colourful gemstones. Vibrant stones like ruby, sapphire, peridot and spinel all come in wide ranges of fantastic colours and will allow you to add a playful touch to your look. From stackable rings, to statement drop earrings, there's something for everyone.

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - rainbow gemstones
We adore this colourful gemstone rings by Page Sargisson

8. Floral Motifs

Florals always make an appearance in summer fashion, usually in the form of colourful fabrics. So why not flip that old classic on it's head and incorporate florals in your jewellery selection this summer? From rings designed with dainty wildflowers to bold tropical bloom drop earrings, pick pieces that will add a touch of femininity and elegance to your summer style. 

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - florals

We're in love with this Rose signet from Cece Jewellery

9. Midi rings 

These are an unusual and unique way to bring a little extra to a summer look. Sitting mid-way down the finger (as the name suggests), they work well as stacker rings or worn alone, and can bring an extra bit of sparkle to your hands!

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023 - midi rings
We adore our Sterling Silver Bone Ring, pictured here with our Sterling Silver Bone Bracelet.

10.  Ankle Bracelets

And last but not least, we have ankle bracelets. These are the perfect accompaniment to the summer sandal, and give an airy holiday vibe to any look. Usually made of delicate chains, these can be used to upgrade any summer look and are perfect whether you're lounging at the beach or enjoying a garden party or wedding. 

Summer Jewellery Trends 2023
This gold ankle bracelet from Angara would elevate so many different outfits. 

Duxford Studios creates ethical handmade jewellery inspired by the human form, modern culture, and the sensation of touch. All of our pieces are cast from hand carved wax in recycled sustainable sterling silvergold vermeil, and other ​precious metals. Shop our full collection on our website or get in contact about custom jewellery design commission. Need help choosing a piece for summer? Read our full guide on what to look for when buying jewellery on our blog page.

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