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How to Layer Jewellery Like a Pro

Jewellery can elevate your wardrobe classics, giving a personal touch to your overall look. And layering jewellery is a great way to add a unique spin to any outfit. Layering gives you the freedom to mix and match different items of jewellery in a playful way, and we'll teach you some of the best ways to experiment. 

In this article, we'll delve into lots of great ways for layering jewellery like a pro, including:

How to Layer Necklaces

Here's how to layer necklaces like an expert. From creating a focal point for your necklaces to stopping them from tangling, there are so many ways to experiment, and all will help you to reinvent your look time after time.

Check out our Ethical Necklaces to see which you'd like to layer.

1. Create a Focus

Here at Duxford Studios, we think it's important to create a clear focus, or focal point when layering necklaces. By choosing a statement piece that will stand out, and some other complimentary chains that work to compliment the focal point, this will make sure your look is cohesive, rather than muddled and overwhelming. Layering necklaces with pearls can look really sophisticated, using the pearl as the focal point and complimentary chains to enhance the pearls. This also works for layering necklaces with initials and other meaningful charms.

How to Layer Jewellery Like a Pro

Our Sterling Silver Cherub Necklace would work beautifully layered with other chains in varying lengths.

2. Vary lengths

When layering necklaces, it's important to vary the lengths of the chains to make sure you achieve a good balance. From chokers and short chains, to longer necklace styles, having differing types is the best way of getting a beautiful layered look. This is because it creates depth and dimension and your attention is drawn to the overall combination, rather than each individual piece competing and overlapping.

3. When to wear layered necklaces

A layered look is versatile and can work for lots of different occasions. It can be brilliant for a casual daytime get together, by combining a range of simple chains and chokers layered with simple charms. For a more formal look, we love going for an elegant or bold feature, coupled with a longer chain or two.

How to Layer Jewellery and necklaces Like a Pro
Our striking Nunc Sterling Silver Statement Necklace would work beautifully for formal occasions, layered with longer chains. Read our article on How To Style Silver Jewellery for more advice.

4. Layering necklaces without tangling

Tangling is a common worry when layering necklaces. But don't worry because we have a few tricks up our sleeve to reduce the likelihood of this happening. By using chains of differing thicknesses, this can stop all of your chains from wrapping around each other and can make it easier to unravel if they do wrap a little. Another thing to try is to invest in necklace layering clasps or spacers. There usually look like several clasps which are attached to a tube, so that all of the different necklace clasps are kept apart and don't tangle together.

Another tip we love which can help if some of your necklace lengths don't work together is to link all of the necklaces together in one long loop and then wrap the large loop around your neck the desired amount of times. This then allows you to adjust the different lengths which can give you the ideal balance. 

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How to Stack Rings

Here's how to stack rings like a pro! And check out our Ethically Sourced Rings to see which take your fancy.

1. What is a stacking ring

Stacking rings are usually slim in design and can feature textures or small charms and are designed to be worn together on the same finger, giving the impression of a larger, complex ring design. They can be worn alone too, but are perfectly designed for mixing and matching. 

2. Consider thickness

When stacking rings and learning how to wear them, the top feature to consider is thickness. Many thick rings stacked together would be uncomfortable, so it's best to stack slimmer rings together. Thicker rings can be worn on one hand while a stacker collection is being worn on the other to add some drama. Don't shy away from texture and colour to add extra glamour to your look. 

How to Layer Jewellery and rings Like a Pro
Our Tempus Sterling Silver Cast Ring wouldn't generally work as a stacking ring because it's bold and has an organic form, but it could be worn on one hand while a stacking collection is worn on the other hand. 

3. How to stack eternity rings and how to stack rings with an engagement ring

Eternity rings work beautifully as part of a ring stack and help bring a pop of glamour. They feature gemstones encircling the band and have a luxury vibe to them, so are perfect for special and formal occasions. When it comes to stacking engagement rings, select a curved complimentary ring, like a wedding ring, so that it fits snugly against the engagement ring. This creates a cohesive and modern stacked look. Eternity and engagement rings can also be stacked together, and we would advise opting for a taller engagement ring so the stone sits above the stacked eternity ring and both bands sit closely side by side.

Many engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings can be made bespoke for you, so you can be sure to end up with something that's right for you and layers beautifully. Read our articles to learn about How to Prepare for a Custom Jewellery Consultation and How to Design an Engagement Ring.

4. Midi rings

Midi rings are a contemporary way to create a stacked look. Worn half way down the finger, they add a unique edge to your overall look. These can be worn alone or with other stacking rings and allow each piece to shine, as there's space between the different items.

How to Layer Jewellery and rings Like a Pro
As you can see here, with a collection of our beautiful Sterling Silver Bone Ring. And learn about What to Look for When Buying Jewellery.

How to Stack Bracelets

Bracelets can be a great addition to an outfit, and when stacked well, can make a brilliant impact. But it's easy to overdo this look, so read on for more advice on how to nail it. You may want to take a look at our Ethical Bracelets to see how you could layer them.

1. Mix sizes & weights

When stacking bracelets, opting for different sizes, shapes and colours can be a fantastic way of creating a dynamic look. Different style chains can work beautifully together, and a range of chunky bangles can make a big impact when worn together. Play around with a variety of materials like gold, silver and gemstones to add even more glitz. Unsure of which metal to select, read our article Gold or Silver Jewellery? What You Should Wear.

How to Layer Jewellery and bracelets Like a Pro

But sometimes, wearing the same or similar bracelets can also work, like here with our Mihi Sterling Silver Molten Bracelet, so play around! Learn more about How to Wear Statement Jewellery.

2. Consider sleeve length

Be aware and mindful of the clothing you're wearing when experimenting with stacked bracelets. If your top or dress has long or extravagant sleeves, it's likely that stacked bracelets won't be the right pairing as there will be too much competing for attention. 

How to Layer Earrings

There are lots of different ways to layer earrings of all kinds. Take a look at our range of Ethically Sourced Earrings for inspiration.

1. Consider length

Experimenting with earrings with varying lengths can be the perfect way to achieve a balanced and harmonious layered earring look, elevating an outfit and bringing a glint of sophistication. Try pairing studs or huggies with longer dangly earrings for a striking contrast. Mixing metals and interesting earring styles can also add personality to your layered looks.

2. Play with different piercings

Many people have several ear piercings, and this can definitely help to create a contemporary layered earring look. Consider using smaller earrings in the piercings at the top of your ears, and bigger or longer earrings styles the closer your piercings are to your earlobes. 

3. Asymmetrical layered earring looks

Another way to play around with layering, is to work with asymmetrical earrings. By combining shorter and longer single earrings with studs and huggies, you can achieve an intriguing and striking look which is especially good for special and formal occasions and will definitely help you to stand out! 

Read this article for even for info on The Different Types of Earrings and How to Wear Them.

Layered Jewellery for Brides

This is an occasion where you really want to stand out, and introducing some layering can help you to steal the show. Whether you're playing with an asymmetrical layered earring look, stacker bangles or an elegant layered necklaces (we love using layered necklaces worn down the back if you're opting for a backless dress!!), be creative and confident! Our only piece of advice would be to start with the dress, and work back from there. Make sure your jewellery compliments the style and shape of your gown, rather than something that clashes with the dresses silhouette. 

No matter which pieces of jewellery you'd like to layer, we'd always advise opting for ethical and sustainable jewellery. Check out our Ethical Handmade Jewellery and Contemporary Handmade Jewellery Collections. And What is Sustainable Jewellery?

So, which of these layered looks are you most excited to play around with?

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